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Welcome to 7th Woking Scout Group - Scouts


Welcome to the Scout Section which is open to girls and boys between 10 and 14 years old.

Scouts is the senior section of the 7th Woking (St. Mary of Bethany) Scout Group, where the serious training and expedition work is undertaken.

At the 7th we put special emphasis on traditional scouting activities ? camping, pioneering, cooking, navigation, canoeing, climbing etc ? all building towards the annual summer camp.

On average we run 3 camps a year open to all scouts plus a further 4 camps which are more specialised and aimed at the 12+ age group. Included in the specialist camps are two expeditions ? one to the Lakes and one to Snowdonia.

We take great pride in the 7th in the training of our scouts to achieve the Chief Scout Gold Award where 8 out of 9 Challenge Awards have to be completed during the 4 years in the Scout Section.

As well as all this formal training we also run games evenings and have fun challenges including away nights to Lazerquest, bowling or swimming.

To contact the Scout leaders please email